Friday, February 11, 2011

And so the Valentine's Day Curse lives on...

When I was sixteen I had my first boyfriend.

He broke up with me the week of (if not like 2 days before) Valentine's Day.

Every since, Valentine's Day has been a disaster for me. EVERYTHING goes wrong for me that week or at least for anything on that day or the days leading up to it.

I started making it a pact to wear all black (yes, like a funeral) on V-Day in mourning of my bad luck. I swore I'd not deviate.

But...when I was a student teacher my students convinced me that all the theatre kids were going to wear black, white and red on V-Day and I should to. So I did.

I got in a bad car accident on the way to teach that morning.

So I never deviate any more. But does that stop my bad luck? Sometimes. For that one day at least. But leading up to it? Alas, no.

One of my best friends who is a lyricist writes amazing songs and he and his writing partner are doing a night of their work on Sunday night...cabaret style...with Broadway performers. I asked a few friends to go and made reservations.

I should've known better.

My like-a-sister friend got scheduled to work and had to cancel...her boyfriend got scheduled for 6am work on Monday so he has to go to be early so he canceled...but at least one of my new guy friends (who I truly enjoy spending time with) gave me the green light earlier this week that he could go and I was elated!

I should've known better.

I just got a text that a meeting of his was moved to 5:30pm and now he must cancel on me.

Of course.

Just proving that the Valentine's Day Curse that looms over me is still alive and well.



P.S. I have to go to this event....would anyone like to go with me? It's only $10. Starts at 7pm and goes until 8:30pm. There is a $15 min inside for drinks/food as per all cabaret houses in NYC....let me know!

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