Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Positive out of the Negative

I thought I'd update you all on how the "negative" V-day "bad luck" shit turned out. I mean, I did go on and on about it...

Part One
Instead of having a singular "date" for my friend's show, I had FIVE! Five wonderful ladies, that is! My "writing pack" came with me to see the show and we had drinks, dinner, good laughs, great entertainment, and then a fun desert after (at another location). Probably the best Valentine's "date" I ever had. :)

Part Two
Remember how I prayed about finding a roommate. Never. Underestimate. Prayer. ...or God's will. Just don't. I was told on Feb. 14th that one of my favorite roommates was leaving Feb. 18th I had found my new roommate. No joke. And, I'll be honest...he's the only email that caught my eye or that I bothered to respond to because I just "knew" he was the one. Strange. Especially since I usually email a bunch of people back...AND...I'd said, "It needs to be a gay man or girl." My new roommate is neither. That's God slapping me on the the back of the head, huh? My new roommate-to-be currently lives in Colorado...Denver to be exact (sound familiar? No...well, my mom lives there so that's how it got my attention at first). We emailed back and forth...chatted on the phone...have texted. He's pretty awesome and if Joe hadn't moved this poor guy, who has a job starting on March 8th with the IRC, would've been up a creek w/o a paddle. Why? Because just like me, those renting rooms normaly won't choose to live with someone unless we meet them first...face to face. Or in my case; not until my dog meets them and I see his reaction to them. ---Keziah is an amazing judge of character!--- But I made an exception this time.

This could come back to bite me in the ass...but I'm chosing to believe it won't. Trying to will my luck into the positive variety!

Speaking of "luck"...

Let's look at all that negative "bad luck" from didn't turn out so bad after all huh? Though, you have to's just creepy that it always tends to happen to me around that date. I blame my first boyfriend, David, he started the ball rolling with that when I was 16.

We could start a website...BlameDavid.Com LOL!

Okay...I gotta get back to "work".

Hope if you had bad luck on V-Day that it all worked out well in the end.


Tamsin :)

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