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Twilight Eclipse (Review)

Okay, so I like...went on a huge ass rant before I saw the movie so I only thought it fair that I tie up that rant now that I've seen the flick.

Mind you, I saw it Thursday and I've done alot since then (see previous post "Vacation = Awesome") so I'll try to remember my thoughts on this as best I can.

I was right! Due to having to cut down most of the book to 2 hours all of that whining Bella does in the book...GONE! Hip Hip Hooray! Hence...I give the film 2 & 3/4 out of 4 stars.

And you're saying, "But I thought you liked it?" I did! It just doesn't deserve more than that cause the acting can only be as good as the lines. Actors can only do so much with the lines given folks, that's what I'm saying. I'm not sure if Samuel Jackson was up there if even he could say them better so...this is NOT a slam on the actors; they had what they had. With ONE or two exceptions; Rob and Jackson seem to bring their A- game out on this film which is why it got a 2.75 vs. a straight 2.

In the fourth book Mrs. Meyer refers to Edward, in Jacob's head that is, as the "burning man" when he is dealing with post honeymoon issues (that's all I'll say in case you've not read the last book). I was thinking, after seeing the past two Twilight films that Robert Pattinson was going to have a hard time with that. NOT after this movie! I could see it...for the first time I could SEE the inner dialogue and pain Edward is going through due to his love for Bella (and Jacob's love for her)...Go Rob! The tent scene is primarily where you really see some great internal work I think...outter work on when he confronts Jacob for attempting to kiss Bella. The fire there is greatness! Not I'd have thought he'd do.

Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper, gets to do a bit more in this do the rest of the Cullen's. We see more fighting (which is why I like this movie) AND we get Jasper's history. I think it could've been darker than it was but ya get what ya get when its PG-13 (please God please let Breaking Dawn be PG-17!). That said, Jackson did a nice job with it. But I might be biased. Ever since I saw his work on an episode of Criminal Minds where he blew me away I've loved this kid.

Kristen Stewart...was...well...herself as usual. As the previous review stated though, she did keep her parts of cheesy dialogue sounding solid so ya have to give her some props.

Taylor Lautner on the other hand...well...he has become the comedy relief of the show. And you're thinking, "He is in the book too". Not to this extent he's not. Problem is the cheesy lines from him sound cheesy. Maybe his are worse than the others and hence he sounds cheesier...I don't know. I just never really believe him. His "love" for Bella never feels as deep as Edwards...especially this time with Rob bringing out some better than his average acting. But Taylor is a young's to hoping he ups his game for the last book (2 movies) since its from HIS perspective for 1/3 of it dear God!

The movie is full of these "little moments" that count and because the actors nail the important ones...the movie is worth the time. To be honest, I really don't think we needed all the extra stuff with the Volturi or the new-born vamps in Seatle...but from a film perspective I can understand why it was added. It does make you care more when Riley (played by Xavier Samuel...and quite brilliantly too if I must say so) meets his fate. In the book I didn't give a the movie, I did. That says a lot for Xavier's work!

I missed having the Victoria from the past two movies, Rachelle Lefevre, in this movie. The new girl, Bryce Dallas Howard, just didn't seem to capture the inner crazy with outter calm as well as Rachelle but she's passable. That is all.

I will say, there were some funny lines even in the cheese. Two in particular stand out...and don't read this paragraph if you want to be suprised. One is by Emmett when they're wrapping up Bella's wrist after hitting Jacob. He comes in and says something to the effect of, "What happened? You try to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella?" It wouldn't have been as cute if it had been said by any other actor I don't think. So props to Kellan Lutz. The second line is when Jacob enters the tent to "warm" Bella up (there's a snow storm and "cold as marble" Edward can't really help her out too much there) and he says to Edward, "Face it, I'm hotter than you"...**Insert laughter here** The girls (who were obviously Team Jacob) in the front of the theater exploded at this one. I did too...its funny in its own way. :)

Alice...aka Ashley everyone's fave if you read the books (especially the unpublished "Midnight Sun" online) cause you can't help but love her character OR the fact that Greene nails the character to a tee! She gets to do some fight work with Jasper and some premonition stuff that you'll like if you're an Alice fan.

Other than all that...I suppose the only last things to chat on are the director's style, Editing, and CGI work. One I liked, one was ok, & one I did not like at all. We'll end this on a positive note so I'll go with what I didn't like and that was director David Slade's filming technique. I'm all for close ups...I folks on screen close up are still hot...but...DUDE! You're up Bella's nose like, half the friggin film man! Much of this film coulda been filmed in a dorm room and you'd have never known the difference, the shots were so tight! You saw them going to a location but once they were IN it...CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE! And don't tell me I sat too close...I sat in my usual spot I always, bite me. ;) It was up...their...noses! No, not all of it but when they were close, they were CLOSE.

The editing of the film was a bit choppy but it flows all right. It's a long book put into 2 hours...and as you're coming from a book of whining to make a movie of is what it is and though slightly choppy, it works for the piece.

Last, and not least, CGI.

I'm IN LOVE with the CGI peeps who do the wolves. IN LOOOOVE. Love love love. The wolves movement is so real, right down to ear movement. There's this point where Bella speaks to Jacob when he's in wolf form and he leans his head to her and she scratches his ears and its like, the most precious moment between them (notice its not where Taylor is present). But that wolf moment isn't he only one that rocks. From just them showing up to the fighting it all looks real and beautiful and makes me wanna go home and pet my dog (who looks like a black wolf mind you).

So there you have it. I enjoyed the movie...but I'm easy to please. As long as I have fun the plot doesn't have to be amazing or the acting extrodinairy...(neither of which happen in Eclipse)...I just have to feel like I was entertained. And I was. I think even the boys will like this movie due to the fighting and blood mind you though...again PG-13...but it isn't missed too much. "Kill Bill I & II" make up for those afterwards if you need a blood intake. ;)

Catch the movie if you are a Twilight fan. Catch the DVD when it comes out if you've not been a fan and are curious...this is the better of the three movies for sure. But to be honest...the 2nd of the last two films will be the best...or so I hope, since its my favorite part of the series.

That's all for now...hope my movie thoughts calmed those of you who read my book thoughts and wanted to slap me. :)

Tamsin Silver signing off.... xo

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