Friday, May 29, 2015

Win an ARC of Mark of the Necromancer!

Hey there, everyone!

In honor of the beginning of ConCarolinas (opening later today, May 29th) and the #ReadOrWriteAnywhere Campaign (which has been in full swing since May 22nd an goes until the end of May), I'm announcing something BIG that I've NEVER done before. You ready?

You can win one of three advanced reader copies (ARC) of Mark of the Necromancer! That's right! The book doesn't come out until this fall...but you could have a copy in your hot little (or big) hands by August!
Each winner will ALSO get a free copy of my new, Historical Fantasy short,
The Curse of Scáthach, right away!
(PLUS a high resolution JPEG of the amazing cover by Alexis Daria, revealed this past Monday) can you get in on this? It's REALLY easy! Check out below!



1) For each time you repost one of my tweets on Twitter that includes the hashtag, #ReadOrWriteAnywhere, your name goes in the hat once. For example, if you re-post three of them, your name goes in the hat three times.

2) For each time you tweet about reading or writing, being sure to include the hashtag #ReadOrWriteAnywhere AND my twitter handle (@tamsinsilver) so I see it, your name goes in the hat FIVE TIMES!

3) To get your name put in TEN TIMES all at once, post a tweet encouraging others to check out the Read Or Write Anywhere Campaign! Be sure to list the #ReadOrWriteAnywhere hashtag, the link to the YA Chick's page (here's a short version of it:, and tag my twitter handle (@tamsinsilver) so I see it!

4) Last but not least, you can get your name put in the hat FIFTEEN TIMES in one fell swoop by tweeting about THIS #MOTN CONTEST! Be sure to use the #ReadOrWriteAnywhere hashtag, include a link to this blog post, and mention my twitter handle (@tamsinsilver) so I see your tweet!

NOTE: If you are afraid I won't see your post, or you don't have room in your tweet for my twitter handle, you can use the hashtag, #MOTN.

That's it! It's pretty simple! But the Read Or Write Anywhere Campaign, you can win an ARC of this book:

Note it says out the summer of 2015, that is now the fall of 2015 due to the time I spent writing The Curse of Scáthach. However, I wanted you to see the synopsis! 
On June 2nd, the day I am finally home from the convention, I will compile the names into the hat and then I will beg my roommate (or neighbor) to video me drawing three names out it. I will then post the video and names on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter!
That blog post will explain how the winners can get their email addresses to me so I can get the short story to them immediately AND the ARC to them this summer. YAY!
So good luck, and I'll be looking for your tweets while I'm at ConCarolinas! Remember, you only have today, Saturday, and Sunday to get those fingers and thumbs a-movin'!

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