Friday, May 8, 2015

#ReadOrWriteAnywhere Campaign


Today I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Y.A. Chicks for their new campaign entitled, READ OR WRITE ANYWHERE to encourage kids to read and write all summer long...anywhere they can...because we believe that doing these awesome things should NOT just be a school year activity.

How does this work?

On May 22nd, right here on this blog (and on many other writer's websites and blogs around the world), authors will post a picture of themselves, you guessed it, reading or writing ANYWHERE and you can WIN PRIZES by seeing if you can guess WHERE that author is! Each pic a writer posts will have 5 CLUES to help you figure out where they are. For more info, click on the links in the top paragraph of this blog entry! :)

Now...what can you win from me?

Well...I am throwing in a 2-book set from my WINDFIRE Series (books one and two - see pics below) into the prize box!

For fun, along with that will be free swag AND a sneak peak chapter of the first book of my new series, entitled, Mark of the Necromancer; A Sabrina Grayson Novel, coming out this fall.  So stay tuned here for that special picture and for more information concerning #ReadOrWriteAnywhere!

Tamsin :)

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