Monday, March 17, 2014

Episode Three of SKYE, "The FAE", is LIVE! (new link)

Happy SKYE Day!

That's right! Episode Three is finally here! YAY! If you've not see Episodes One or Two (which I recommend you watch back to back since together they make one, 30 minute TV show episode w/o commercials added), you should do that first! Here are the links!


Episode One, "Back to the Start"

Episode Two, "Welcome to my City"

.......and drum roll please.......

Episode Three, "The FAE"

And can always see all our videos at our SKYE OF THE DAMNED website and catch updates on our Facebook page!

Thanks so much! Enjoy!


Tamsin :)

P.S. And if you scroll down to the post can catch the Prologue of the SKYE book I'm working on. The info in the Prologue isn't something that's been in the episodes so it's BRAND kill a bit more time and scroll down to check it out! :)

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