Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ANNOUNCING: New Artist on board for Comic/Graphic Novel of Moon Over Manhattan

I'm SO excited to finally get to tell you all that I am partnering up with Inbeon Studios to turn my book, Moon Over Manhattan, into a comic book/graphic novel!

As you all know, just over a year ago, the graphic novel project for this book got put on hold when artist, Ana Catris from the UK, had to pull from the project due to getting a ton of acting work. Not a bad thing. I was SO happy for her! But I needed a new artist. So then I met Eric Hutchison when I was in Boston (for the spring Comic Con that never happened until summer), then he was near my booth at New York Comic Con, then he was right next to my table at the HBO I was like, this is meant to be, let's talk.

Come to find out, we have the same background on werewolves and so I sent Eric the first four chapters of the novel and he was excited to be involved...and I was like, "whew!" cause his work is fantastic!

That all said, as of last night's meeting, the ball is rolling and we're making announcements and posting our first pic...

Here it is, the first drawing of the main female role, Denika, in her human form and her four legged/wolf form!

Art by Eric Hutchison

I'm really in love with this. I hope you all will get more excited as we post more stuff on this project. Stay tuned here...or on my Facebook page, where you'll see stuff first, especially if you follow Inbeon Studios Facebook! They post great stuff a lot!

And before anyone asks, yes, Lauren Steinmeyer, who plays Skye in Skye of the Damned, is the model for this character. In fact, I wrote Moon Over Manhattan in 2010 and that's how/when I met Lauren...when an odd chain of events ended with her becoming the model for Denika. At the time I had no idea she was an amazing actress, or that I'd get asked to do a web series that she'd headline, or...that she'd become like a sister to me. Life is funny that way. :)


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