Monday, November 19, 2012

I need a Private Detective Agency name!

I need a name for a private eye firm...or more exactly, the name for an independant firm of witch hybrids who take jobs to pay the bills, whether it be helping find someone's lost belongings, collect stolen property, figure out if your spouse has strayed with a new lover or is dabling in bad magicks, or helping you keep that pesky stalking vampire out of your window if he's sneaking in to watch you sleep....

I'm opening up to the interwebs to help me pick cool name for the investigative team of six. I still have no last name for the leader (first name is Jazmin) so we could come up with a cool last name that makes a good name for the firm.

All members of the team are witches, but are mixed with other forms in the Clandestine World. There's two vampire mixes, two shape-shifters, and two werewolves (twin girls) and it takes place out in San Francisco. So...any fun ideas for catchy names for  private detective firm of witches who deal with human and non-human issues, would be great.

If I choose yours, you'll get mentioned in the acknowledgments of the book and I'll work your name into the story.

SO....hit me with them!


Tamsin :)

San Francisco, CA


  1. "The Third-Eye Agency". Sorry, it's best I can come up with.

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  4. What about PWI instead of PI, which stands for Private Witch Investigators. Or what about Wicked Witch Detectives?

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