Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Has Been Canceled?




Sally & Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

That's right! As far as NYC and the coastal part of NJ is concerned...Halloween has been canceled. The parade has been canceled and my party tonight has been as well. Correction, tonight's party has been "postponed." 

Thankfully I went to two Halloween parties over the weekend! The delay in getting this post up is because I was waiting on pics from others who had no power due to that bitch Sandy.


I'll share with you my early Halloween. :)

On Friday night I left work a hair early to get home to get into costume. My best gal pal in NYC was dressing as Jack and I was dressing as Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas). The costume gives me the shape of a giant redwood I added my clear plastic waist piece (it doesn't cinch in, but it was better with it than w/o it, trust me). The pic to the right is Lauren and I while the pic on the left is me in the make-up while I was working the Vampire Freaks booth at their Halloween Massacre Party over at Gramercy Theater. It was a mini-Triton-Festival, too. Bands started playing around 8pm ended at 3am-ish. Many were in costume...and sadly I don't have more pics of those in the costume contest as I was backstage helping them get on and off the stage vs. out front taking pics. But the girl who won had made this bad-ass costume from a video game with body armor and a big gun...the oufit even lit up. I'm sure VF has a pic of her somewhere.

Imperative Reaction

Ted Phelps - Imperative Reaction
What was truly spectacular was that the two top bands to play that night were Imperative Reaction (they are one of my favorite bands). I happen to know their usual keyboardist, Clint Carney (Who wasn't with them this tour due to his artwork doing well in LA...GO Clint! Woo! ), have met Ted Phelps (lead singer), and respect their drummer, Trevor Friedrich. He's an amazing tattoo artist as well as a phenominal drummer. They performed for about an hour were absolutely fantastic!

Tom Shear - Assemblage 23
As I watched them from the side of the stage (floor level) the doors to backstage opened and out walked Tom Shear, aka Assemblage 23. I'd met him briefly last year and so we chatted briefly. He's a really nice guy. So, if you like his music (the new album is great, btw), know that he's worthy of his fame. I personally hate celebrities, no matter how big or small, who are such assholes that they don't deserve the money or fame. Tom isn't that guy. 
Assemblage 23

 Tom did an hour and a half encores (that he just did, w/o making us scream for them) and then signed CD's and took pics after. Sadly, the pic we got of me with him turned out blury...but I posted it here anyway. :) 

I think I got home and was in bed around 5am...but it was totally worth it! Vampire Freaks put on a fun night yet again!

On Saturday my pal Matt from Boston arrived (so he could go to a concert in Brooklyn on Sunday) and I dragged him to my Writers Group's Halloween gathering. I'd just spent the night before in costume and had no desire to figure out another I went as myself, as did Matt. We ate good food, drank great liquor, and talked with my writing pals until midnight. Here's a pic of me and Matt and the glowing ghosty, taken by Alexis Daria. She always takes the best pics of me.

If you are asking where our costumes are....well....we sorta sucked at that. I only had the one costume and didn't want to wear it two nights in a row. If I'd gotten my the lab coat I was trying to snag from my boss at work I'd have dressed as Abby from NCIS...but, oh well. Next year. :)

Sadly you can't tell the ghosty changes colors...I begged Erin for one. I'd have it out all year...but that's me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, even if it was truncated by Sandy. Right now I'm excited for November and NaNoWriMo...not just to write, but to spend time with my writing gals/guys! If you are doing NaNo...drop me a line!

Until then...have a silly pic of me...


Tamsin :)

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