Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I was Madonna for a moment.

I told this story to my friend Alexis the other day and she said I had to blog here you go...

I'm from Michigan. My mother is from Bay City...where Madonna is from originally.

I am short, petite, and have some similar facial features to the goddess-of-pop-music. I also had curly blonde hair JUST like Madonna did at the time...what was it, the late 80's? Early 90's? Who knows...who cares.


I was in Bay City one afternoon with one of my gal pals. It was summer and we were in Bay City on the street by a bunch of shops. I think one was full of records and tapes (if you remember buying LP's...I love you) and I was dressed like Madonna. Probably more in the Desperately Seeking Susan style.

So you see, I was dressed like her, in a city she's from, by a record store, I had the same hair (cut and color), and I have a mole on my face so....when some Madonna fan saw me, they got confused.

She thought I was her. She was all a twitter and wanted my autography...well, actually, Madonna's autograph.

My brain said I shouldn't play along.
My brain said I should correct her.
I turned to my best gal pal, my answer stuck in my throat.

And what does my gal pal do?

"Of course she'll sign it, sweetie! Just don't go telling everyone she's in town. She's here to suprise a friend for her birthday."

I think my jaw dropped. But I turned back to the young, pre-teen girl with a smile.

Thank God it was before the internet.

Thank God it was before there were cell phones...hell, cell phones with cameras!

Thank God she didn't have a camera on her (we didn't wander the world with them back then, btw. I know, you're shocked.)

So I signed the record she put in front of me and chatted with her briefly, sending her on her way. I felt like a shmuck and Madonna would very likely kick my ass to know I did this. (Sorry, Madge!)

But my gal pal was like, "You just made her year."

For that, I won't apologize.

So yeah...I got to be Madonna for a brief moment. It was fun.

If you've not checked out Madonna's new album, or hell, her old albums, you should. I revisited them this weekend on iTunes as I inspected her newest one. Sadly, I don't own all my Madonna from back then anymore cause I had it on LP and tape. But I rebought an album or two and as I listen, I think about how she's been so instrumental and influential in much of pop music's progress as well as what female pop stars can get away with now (Can you say, Lady Gaga?). Madonna wasn't just a fad back then, and she's not now. She's an amazing performer and business woman and I'm proud to say I idolized her as a teen/young adult. Hell, I still sort of do.

So Cheers to the real Madonna! It was fun being you for a few minutes.


Tamsin :)

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