Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hard Day's Night by John G. Hartness - A Review

Children are missing.

The police are stumped.

Halloween is coming, with an ancient evil on the horizon.

The vampires are the good guys.

This is not your ordinary fall weekend in Charlotte, NC. Vampire private detectives Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood have been hired to keep a young client from being cursed for all eternity, but end up in a bigger mess than they ever imagined.

Suddenly trapped in the middle of a serial kidnapping case, Jimmy and Greg uncover a plot to bring forth an ancient evil into the world, and enlist the help of a police detective, a priest, a witch, a fallen angel and strip club proprietor to save the world. This unlikely band of heroes battles zombies, witches, neuroses and sunburn while cracking jokes and looking for the perfect bag of O-negative.

What a fun read! Well written with a great pace and hilarious yet endearing lead characters. Hard Day's Knight holds twists and turns that will surprise you over and over again.

As the book starts off you find yourself in the head of James Black (where you stay for the whole novel), vampire extraordinaire, who is in quite a predicament. He's been kidnapped! As my character Sean, from "The Betrayal," would say, "Now why did you go and let that happen?"

Have no fear, as it turns out, the kid who has taken James has an unusual request...which leads he and Greg (his spandex and cape wearing side-kick) to help the kid out. But what they thought was a simple curse...turns out to be so much worse. (Sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme).

As if vampires aren't enough, Mr. Hartness throw in some witches, a priest, evil/possessed children (as if there really are any other kind?...JK), demons, and even fallen angels! It makes for a fantastic adventure. You will find yourself saying, "Well it can't get worse than this"...oh, but it can and will! James and Greg will attempt to save the world, as only they know how to do. With witty banter, help from their friends, courage, and their devotion to what's right.

Something I love about this story is that these two guys are your average Joe's. They're not super pretty or suave...or sparkling (thank God)...they're comic book lovin, computer wizz'n, nerds who got stuck that way. Think of that guy from the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" as a vampire...and you're on the right track. It's a brilliant concept! And, instead of taking place in LA or NYC, it's in the Queen City herself, Charlotte, NC. I spent ten years there myself...and it's a perfect backdrop for this fun, witty, fast paced, story of friendship, love, courage, acceptance, and forgiveness.

The only bad thing I can say is that at only 176 pages, its over too soon, leaving you wanting more! Luckily, there is more! Go HERE for more on all three books in the series. The next two books are called Back in Black and Knight Moves.

In closing I want to say this, even if you're not a "vampire book"'ll enjoy this book. It's a great ride you won't want to get off of. So jump on board! Click the title of this blog to go to Amazon to buy this book for your Kindle for ONLY 99 cents or check out John's website HERE for more about him and his different books!

Happy Reading!

Tamsin :)

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