Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Sell Again or Not, That is the Question - Over at Magical Words today!

DC2015 Booth Display
My area in the big booth at Dragon Con
It's that time again; my bi-weekly post at!

Today I discuss how my DragonCon went and whether or not I should sell books again next year or just go and be an panels.

You may ask why this is important to you... you ever plan to be a writer of Urban Fantasy or Science Fiction? Well then, unless you're a big name out of the gate, you'll be needing to go to conventions to "hock your wares" as I like to say. As you built a name for yourself and get on panels, you'll have to find a happy medium of dividing time between your booth and talking to people about writing and such.

Since I'm not a big name where I visit my booth once a day for fans, I need to find time to both talk on panels and be at the booth...this is hard to I wrote this post so you could learn from my failures and successes.

Here's the direct link:

Me on a panel DC2015

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