Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Misplaced

I have come to the conclusion that my imagination has a "honey do" list as long as the Brooklyn Bridge. I say this, because anyone who knows me personally, is privy to what all is on my plate right now, writing wise, and I honestly do NOT (do you hear that imagination?) ...I repeat...I do NOT have time to write anything else other than the stuff due to people.

So of course, the opening of a YA novel pops into my head. *rolls eyes* This isn't fair. It really isn't. Anyway, I did what any other writer would do, and I typed it up and saved it for a later date because, OBVIOUSLY this character is wanting her story told and dag nabbit, she chose me, my busy schedule be damned.

I wonder if this happens to other writers. I'm sure it does. What do you all do when this sort of thing occurs?

Anyway...I figured I'd share it since I've bothered to ramble about it...

Here's the part that pushed its way into my head on my walk to work this morning. The Working Title for now is, "THE MISPLACED"...

Millions of people went missing yesterday from around the world. I wasn’t one of them. Pure chaos envelopes the globe and no one has any answers. Some say The Rapture has happened and the end of times have begun. Rumors abound concerning the government or the possibility of aliens. Me? All I know is that my parents are gone. It’s just me and my brother now. And I have no idea what I’m going to do. this a YA Urban Fantasy? Is it an YA Adventure? It's definitely a version of post apocalyptic...but where it will go, who knows. I'm MORE than sure it'll bug me until I begin to write more. *sigh* You know, like I have nothing else to write or anything. *rolls eyes*

Anyhoo...just thought I'd share as other writers may deal with this and I wonder what they do...or maybe its just good for others to read that this happens to they know they're not the only ones who have characters talk to them...almost forcing them to write their tale. Moon Over Manhattan happened that way. As did Duality of Surrender. Both books were written quickly, too. Duality was 125K words in 2 months. MOM was 175K in three.

Will Callie's story (cause I have a feeling that's her name) flush out sooner rather than later...who knows. But I seriously hope she can just hang tight for now...and let me get my other stuff done.

Happy writing, all!  Windfire, Book 5; Identity is out in a month! WOOT!


Tamsin :)

*Note: Copy from "The Misplaced" is ©Tamsin L. Silver

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