Friday, April 11, 2014

Chain link fences in Heaven

I had my first Keziah dream last night…and this was odd…

I was on the SE corner of Broadway and Isham and some guy from somewhere was carrying two clear garbage bags of stuff…seems one was full of pulled pork and the other was full of the barbeque sauce to make sandwiches (what can I say, I was hungry as I slept?). I thought he was a nutter, but Lauren was like,”No no no…he’s from my Society, he’s cool.”…so we told him, “Sure, we’ll take ‘em”…so he left them there and disappeared.

Then Hunter and Josh showed up (good Carolina food in our laps, not surprised) and Hunter said Keziah had been taken by the ASPCA or something in that respect for being out w/o a leash (*shrug*). So Josh and I left Hunter to guard the food or the apartment (not sure which one) and we take the train to go to some remote area of Manhattan or Brooklyn to see if we can find my dog.

Well, it must take us ages, because when we get to this place, we’re told the other dog they’d taken with mine, some small dog (I think it was ex-roommate’s Chihuahua mix) had already been there so long that it had been put to sleep. I freaked out and said to the man (who turned out to be my old roommate in SC, Ken Wilson), “What about the big fluffy black dog?”

“Oh he’s right there,” Ken says. And I see Keziah sitting there behind a fence and call to him. He got up all happy, and ran over to me. So Ken let’s me in and I walk into this massive grassy area and then I see that one of the inside, tall, chain link fence only went halfway across the yard. So I rounded that and called to him again, and Keziah came bounding over. I got to hug him and pet him…tell him I love him. He was so happy to see me.

I remember Josh and I checked in with Hunter to tell him the other dog had been put down; because it took us too long to find them (obviously they were in the bottom of Brooklyn… ha ha).

Then I woke up with that same panic I used to get when I’d have dreams that something had happened to Keziah when he was still alive. I’d go look in on him and he’d be sleeping. But this time, he wasn’t there to check on. That was horrible.

Then I realized how Keziah looked in the dream. He’d been beautiful. He was healthy, jet-black, bouncing as he ran, and happy. I guess maybe he was letting me know he’s okay with lots of green land to run on while he waits for me to pass through the gates.

But what’s with the heavenly gates being made of tall, chain link fences, huh?

I’m weird. LOL!


Tamsin :)

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