Monday, June 10, 2013

Con Carolinas 2013, Part II (the tale of car and phone troubles!)

Con Carolinas 2013...yeah...I got more for ya! :)

The booth was small and in a hallway with few people and sorta lit badly, but I still sold some YAY!

The picture above was my set up on the very narrow half table display. Somehow I got it all on there except the SKYE posters. I promised, I said on my last post that I'd let you know about the strange things that happened to me with concern to the rental car and my phone.

I land in Charlotte on Wednesday afternoon, my friend Sarah picked me up and we headed off to pick up my car from Budget Car Rental.....and we couldn't find it. There was a shopping plaza where the navigation system led us using their address....but all that's there is an Avis Car Rental. So we call to see if that's it and no one will answer. We then go up to the door to see a sign that says they'll be back in 10 minutes.


Still no one to work the counter. Door locked. *sigh* So we call corporate. They send my rental to another location and we try to find that one...yeah, that took probably longer than waiting for the moron at the first location since we got a bit lost by the GPS machine. Then, when we get there, they tell me I can't pay with my Debit Card. O_O Say what???? "Ok," I say, "I can pay in cash." Nope. Nada. No cash accepted. Need a credit card. Well...balls. I don't have one. So we head to lunch and I call around.

Thankfully, I got a nice guy ( rock!) at Enterprise who told me that I could rent with a debit card if I rented from the airport location (Oh, you mean the exact hallway I was on when I got my luggage HOURS ago in Terminal B? *sigh*) if I had proof of return flight. I HAD THAT! Yay for print outs from work!

So I went online during lunch and reserved a car. We went after some great food at Chili's and this car is what I ended up with. At first I was like, "WTF is a Yaris?" (see pic above) Yeah....I can tell you what a Yaris is now....MY NEXT DAMN CAR...that's what it is! This cute little thing has the most amazing get up and go, brakes, and gas milage! In three days of driving around, the gas went from above full to full. That thing drops into ECO even on the highway at 60mph if you are holding steady.

So, that wasn't my only issue with mechanical items that weekend. My cell phone decided to play hide and seek a few times on me. I thought I left it in the bathroom and was going crazy...even excused myself from a panel to run back to the bathroom to verify. It was under my chair in the dark. (See kids, this is what lack of sleep can do to you!). The next phone hid under a couch-bed in an RV. Ken and I went to say goodbye to Faith on Sunday and hung out for a bit. After we left and they headed to dinner I couldn't find my cell. I could've sworn I had it at Faith's RV. We wooshed back and caught her husband before he phone. I went back to the hotel. No phone. I was like...."Really? Twice in one day?" Then Ken says, "Don't you have that 'find your iPhone app on you iPad?" YES! YES I DO!

We use the internet of the hotel and BAM! It says my phone is in the RV. LOL! We go back, call Faith's husband, he comes back from dinner (I still feel bad for that!) and we lift up the hidda-bed of the couch and there she is...laughing at me. Damn phone! But hey...proof of how that app totall rocks! Right?

Anyhoo...what's funny is that, even as tired as I am at this point, we go to dinner with friends where I drink some wine and eat a big meal...needless to say, I passed out almost sitting up at the end of Ken's couch while everyone else is talking around me and the thunderstorm that knocked out power roared outside. I woke up 2 hrs power...sticky contacts...purse still slung around me. HA! That's tired, people!

So...NEXT time I do the con...I will try a table again...see if I get with the other authors this time and how I sell. If I don't, I'll just do panels. It just wasn't cost effective with buying the books, shipping them there, shipping them home...etc.

I will say, the con was worth it even if I didn't sell a lot...I met a lot of AMAZING authors and got to know them both on panels and off and that alone was worth the entire trip!

NEXT? A re-do of Boston Comic Con on Aug 3-4! Until then...I leave you with some pics of some of the better costumes at Con Carolinas 2013! Enjoy!

Tamsin :)

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