Friday, July 20, 2012

Review of the Comic, Anathema, #1

Hey there all! Happy Friday! Today I'm doing a review of something new...a COMIC!

But this isn't your happy, bright colors, Captain Steve Rogers saves the day kind of comic. This is old fashioned horror comic...and it's dark and cool and kick ass!

First, about the author...

Rachel Deering is an American writer, editor, and letterer for comic books from Columbus, OH, where she lives with her wife (artist Jessica Deering), and their dog, Hazel. She is best known for Anethema and Womanthology.

Fun facts: She started making comics at the age of eight, is a rabid fan of werewolves, and is a gamer, a baker, and a huge horror nerd! (Ya love her already, right? I don't know about you, but she'd fit right into my writers gang here in NYC!)

For a great interview with her, go HERE.

Before I speak of the comic, here's the blurb...

Part I: Wolf and Raven -

Long gone are the days of the infamous Witchfinder General, and his radical persecution of coutnless innocent people. The puritanical reign of torture and terror is now but a grim and unfortunate reminder of the past evils of man. Yet there are those who would cling to the old ways. Those who would not suffer a suspected witch or heretic to live among them. In the hearts of those few, the fires of hatred still burn, and not a soul is spared their unyielding wrath. Not even their own flesh and blood...

Now, as many of you know, I'm not a huge reader of comics (unless its Lestat, Buffy, Angel & Faith, etc...or coming soon, Spike!) but I do read a good amount of vampire/witch/werewolf/fantasy comics. Thing is, the story needs to grab me. It needs to take chances and give me something extra. Simply put, it needs to take me on a ride. Some have great art...some have a great me needy, but I want both (Deering delivers both, btw). Hell, I will even take a dip down in the artwork for a great story (be it edgy or just plain new/fresh). Problem is, I often feel some comics are amazing artwork with little substance or it is just telling the same old story we've all read a million times before.

Now now  now...don't go jumping on your high horse...I'm SURE I'm quite wrong and I KNOW I've not seen ALL the comics out there.

But you see, I want more of the be itching to go to the comic store and buy the next installment...and with Rachel Deering's Anathema, I want to do exactly that!

The basis of the story (which takes place in New England during the times of the Puritans) is that Anathema's lover, Sarah, is dragged away by her own father to be burned at the stake, purging her wicked lust with the flames of righteousness. But something bad happens, that's worse than death...her soul is taken, and Anathema must figure out how this happened, who did it, and why. Then, once she knows, Anathema is offered a way to fight the evil that did this but there's a catch. So she goes up into the mountains to make that decision...

Will she take the potion? Will she avenge Sarah's death? Will she save her lover's soul?

We'll all have to read more of Anathema to find out! And I highly recommend you do! This dark and twisty tale looks to be filled with scary creatures, blood, gore, classic horror, fights to the death, ancient legends, and magic. Oh, and werewolves...let's not forget that! See...

I'm not as big a comic book gal as most are...but I am definitely into this one! I think that if you are a hard core fantasy reader you'll enjoy this. I'll admit, she's a lot darker than my books and seeing as there is amazing artwork, you REALLY get to experience it!

The promise for a series like this is endless! It has the right ingredients: It pushes the's got a powerful woman in the leading's inventing new folklore...its got great artwork and story...and Anathema will be fightin all kinds of creepy evil! Always a plus!

I'd say more but I don't want to give it all away...I'm sure I've told too much already, but go out there and pick it up and see it for yourself. I think we all are going to be in for one fantastic ride with Anathema.

Happy Reading! And if you're a twitter whore like me, you can find her at @racheldeering

Tamsin :)

P.S. This is the pic/ad on the back of the sure to read the bottom. I love it! It's the Supernatural Registration Authority! Their website is HERE! Check it out!

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