Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waterfall rainbow changed my morning

Is this not amazing?  I found this posted on the Huffington Post through Twitter today and felt the need to share it and what it did for me. This picture was taken by photographer, Justin Lee, (a student at the University of British Columbia) when he was hiking in the Yosemite National Park, CA.

Seeing this gave my ranting brain pause.

Ranting? Yes. Why? Well....

My morning was shit. No, really...utter shit.

I awoke 3 hrs early to go to the DMV to get a NY Drivers License because my SC one is about to expire. Yes, I've had a SC DL in NYC for almost 10 years...and your point is????

No need to answer that, I KNOW why I've kept it. A) It was only $3 online to renew. B) The picture is good (hey now, that's a valid point!). C) The NYC DMV is a royal pain in the ass.

Case in point...I was like, 15th in line and happy about it (cause there was around 40 behind me by the time the place opened), and when I went to get my number...I was told I couldn't use that DMV for my license exchange.



So I leave, contemplating going to the other one on 34th. But I know better. So I head to work.

After going through the turnstile to get on the N/R/Q I lost the rubber ear thingy on my headphones. So I did what I usually do and I looked for it, finally having to kneel to look. Seeing it, I lunged forward, snagged it, got up, and began to walk out of everyone's way...when an amazing man handed me my wallet.


I almost made my life a living hell for an earbud.

Thank you Lord for that man!

Heading down I get on the train, get to my stop, begin the walk to work when my leg is annoyed. I notice then, that my pants ripped (they're old so, it was only a matter of time) when I lunged for previously mentioned ear bud.


Really, God? Really?

I was a block from work when I remembered our elevator was not working in the building. It was going to be SIX flights up in the humid ick.

Thankfully God spared me that. I guess I'd had enough kicking for they day. forward to when I opened up Twitter and this picture.....

It made me stop the rant. It calmed me down. It caused me to suddenly let it go. Why? Cause this reminded me of beautiful, wonderful, and amazing things in the it was so much bigger than me and my shitty morning. How God had used the first rainbow as a promise to Noah. So I took it as a sign and a promise...

I will try this whole DMV thing tomorrow and I will not fail...and if I do...well, we just try again on Thursday. Sure, its a pain in the ass, but its so small and minor when you think about it.

Have a great week...and if you think of it...have a drink on Thursday for me. It's my birthday on the 26th after all.


Tamsin :)

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