Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay...I wanted to tweet about this but hell, it's too involved for just 140 characters.

I just had the oddest conversation here at work.

Let me preface this by saying that the floor I work on has two bathrooms. One is a restroom with a single toilet in it (it is marked "Women") and the other has a urinal and then a seperate stall (that locks) with a toilet in it. The door to that bathroom is marked "Unisex" and the door locks.

So here's where the strange conversation comes in.

Some chick on our new floor, no idea who she is...but we'll call her Bridgette. She looks like one. She walks up as my boss is telling me and my coworker that there is talk about labeling the Unisex bathroom "Men" instead. And I say, "That's fine, but if I have to go and the ladies room is busy, I'll be stepping into the men's room."

Bridgette looks appauled and hoity toity (did I mention she looks wound up so tight that the Ferris Beuller line about coal and diamonds would fit here?) and says, "That's innapropriate!" And I'm thinking she's kidding. So we all keep talking and she's wickedly infatic that for moral reason (no joke) we need to seperate these bathroom titles. Again I joke around and she again gets in a huge huff, "That is innapropriate!" This time she is almost spitting she's so flustered.

We're all at a loss.

Then Bridgette says, "It's not appropriate for a man and a woman to be in a bathroom together."

Ah...suddenly its clear. She thinks I'd go into there when a man is using the urinal or I'd be in the stall and let a man come in.

"IS SHE CRAZY?" I ask myself.

I find out later my boss turned to my coworker in the break room and said, "Bridgette's crazy."

I stand correct.

LMAO! She didn't realize there was a lock on the door! How are you up on this floor for YEARS and not know that?

I've come to the conclusion that Bridgette is nuts...end of story.

And...I'm okay with that.

Hell, she's not MY boss! :)

And that is my crazy office story of the month...year...whatever.

Have a good day all...and and women shouldn't share a restroom! ;)


P.S. I leave you with funny Unisex Bathroom signs I found...

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