Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short Story Topics? And...GO!

I'm lookin' at you...yeah YOU!



Let's play a game.

Those of you in theater know how this works for improv...we're going to attempt to do it for writing.

I am going to be writing a short SHORT story. Not my usual thing. soon as my edits are done I'll be writing one to give away during promotions for the book. So I thought it might be fun that those of you who read this could play along.

Ideas...I need ideas.

Much like when you visit an improv show and the person says, "Give us a topic or word and we'll create an improv from it," I want you to do the same. The ideas can be random, they can be organized, they can be whatever you want. Let's keep the story in my genre, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and let's have fun with it.

You can just throw things at me like the name of a town, a situation, and an end game...or you can just toss out a confilct...or you can give me random words/topics. Don't care. If I use yours, you get a free copy of the story before anyone else and acknowledgment on the document as well.

So...short story topics...

On your mark, get set.....GO!


Tamsin :)

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