Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Living Dead Girl Cover Art

"The lines between good and evil are sometimes blurred."

Atlanta Hart, an English Lit Grad student, who spends her free time absorbed in the Goth/Industrial club scene of Boston, learns that she's an Air Witch, the first discovered for centuries. Suddenly she and her friends find themselves immersed in a world of magick and magickal creatures, not all of which uphold their birthright to protect the human race. This new world is on the brink of war, propelling Atlanta to embark on a journey to understand her powers in order to fight for her life and the lives of those she loves. With the help of legendary vampire hunter turned vampire, Sean Cameron, can she discover the truth of her past in time to save her future?


Look at that. For an e-book...not a bad cover, huh?

I must get back to editing...but I wanted to share this.


Tamsin :)


  1. It's not bad. If they will listen to you, I'd ask them to make the title and your name bigger, and increase the contrast in the font color and the background color. This will help it look better in thumbnail.