Thursday, August 19, 2010

Once Lost / Now Found

I know I know, I've been away...but the good news is I've been writing...a lot. Just not here. Oh..don't give me the "tsk tsk tsk"...let's see you work a full time job, try to write a book full time, work out, interview for roommates, have a social life AND keep up a blog.

Uh huh...that's what I thought.


So...what to write about...

I guess I'll talk about the big "happy" that happened since I spoke to you all last.

Have you ever had a friend in your life who you adore...and have lost track of? They moved away and lost contact cause they're not a big internet person and don't have Facebook or MySpace or an email they check regularly (I know, it sounds foreign). You think of them from time to time and it hurts because you have no idea how to find them. You've tried the internet over and over. You've been faithful and checked Facebook every 6 months to see if they set up a page outta chance...but no luck.

Then suddenly, 7 years later, you're on Facebook in the middle of the day cause you're home sick from work and you see something in the top right corner of the screen that says, "Some of your friends know this person, maybe you do too"; and--its--him! The friend you've spent 7 years trying to find! Lucky for you his wall states his cell number and that he's not online much but to call him. So you do.

You get his voicemail...and just hearing it bring tears to your eyes. You pull yourself together and leave a voicemail. He calls you back the next day...and he IS living in the same city you are! **insert much rejoicing here**

We've chatted a bit but we're both busy people with opposite work schedules but...he's coming for dinner on Sunday if all goes well. To say that I'm "excited" doesn't really cover it. I'm elated! I'm ecstatic! I'm happy! I can't wait to hug him. :)

So, there's my little bit o' happy to toss onto your Thursday afternoon!

Tamsin xo

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