Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cassandra Clare Book Signing Night (w/NicoleVirella & Holly Black)

****Above pic from L to R is me, Nicole Virella (the graphic novel illustrator for the Mortel Instruments GN to come out soon) and Cassie****


Cassandra Clare, my favorite author, was in NYC for a book signing and Q&A. Luckily enough, one of her best friends is well known author Holly Black and she was one of our MC's of the night.

Both ladies looked fabulous and as always, wore their unique and fantastic shoes!'s how the night went and THIS time folks, I do have pictures! Woot!

So, I jetted from work around 5pm b/c the gig was at 7pm in Union Square and I wanted to get a good seat in front. Uh, I think everyone else felt that way too. I got there and I was lucky to get a seat on the middle aisle half-way back (a lovely girl named Eva slid over one seat so I could sit on the aisle due to all my bags...thank you darlin!).

Just like with a movie, I felt the need to use the ladies room before the show. As I walk in...I run into Holly Black. WHAT FREAKIN LUCK HUH? Anyhoo...she was nice enough to chat with me for a few minutes about how she got the ladies room. Ya gotta love that! And let me say, Holly is just a wonderful lady. :)

So I head back to my seat elated and sit down for a fun Q&A where someone, who's not me, won the first printed copy of "Clockwork Angel" that doesn't actually come out until August 31st. There were two more prizes for trivia given out as well; an actual clockwork angel pendant and the original drawings of the main characters from Mortel Instruments that will be in the graphic novel, drawn by Nicole Virella. Here are some pics of Holly and a lovely girl who's name I missed starting us off for the eveing telling a story about Cassie:

Then, Cassandra Clare came out and made the announcement that there will be two more new books in the Mortel Instrument Series that will follow City of Fallen Angels! City of Lost Souls (Spring 2012) and City of Heavenly Fire (Fall 2013). Add that to how she has Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess all coming out too and you have a landfall of Cassie books hitting us in the next three years! HA-ZAH! Here's Cassie making the announcement:

Cassie finally got to take a seat for the Q&A and I was able to get a lovely shot of her:

After the Q&A we all did the "wait in line" to say hi to Cassie and have her sign anything we brought. I bought the box set of the first three novels and had her sign them. I also happened to have my soft back of the 1st book with me...I had her sign it for a friend of mine, another aspiring writer who is a young adult. I can't wait to surprise her with it!

We received swag at the event, as per usual. :) A poster of the cover art for Clockwork Angel, a piece of chapter 4 from the book, an invite to the release party in NJ (which I wish I could go to...anyone got a car and want to go? I'll pay for gas!), and a free comic with a sampler from the soon to be released graphic novel of the first Mortel Instruments books, City of Bones. I had both Cassie and Nicole sign it and I actually stayed up on the platform longer than most as I got to talking with Nicole. Amazingly talented girl. I'll try to get pics of the comic for you all later.

So, alas, the night is over. I've had my moment to talk to Cassie (she loved my shirt from Salam btw), she signed my books, I thanked her for answering my questions on Twitter all the time (and we clarified who I was on there and she remembered I ask publishing questions!) and then it was time to go.......

Or was it?

Holly Black was sitting with some friends chatting and so I decided to get up the courage to go over and ask for a photo. She was nice enough to oblige:

Then I actually got to talking with she and the two lovely gentlemen who were there. One of which introduced himself to me as Josh and as it turns out, he is Cassie's fiance.:) Then, they were gracious enough to include me in coversation for about a half hour! I can't say how much that meant to me. They were so much fun to chat with! It was really fun! Let me say, Cassie is a lucky woman. Josh is both sweet and handsome. Well done girl!;) Also, Holly was obviously tired and she didn't need to make this time for me, but she did. For a fellow writer, it was a really wonderful treat.

So, I got home late...walked the dog....uploaded this pics...ate a bowl of cereal and passed slap out! Hell, when I woke up at 8am I was in such a heavy sleep it was hard to move.

On my way out the door I found a letter in my mailbox from an agent I'd submitted to...returning my letter with a slip of green paper in it that basically is a rejection. They couldn't even write a letter to me? Nice. Glad you're not my agent...sheesh!

Nothing like reality slapping you in the morning huh? Oh well. Last night was fun enough to make me rip up the little green 3x4 rectangle of paper and say, "whatever...your loss".

Have a great Thursday folks and btw...there is a review of Holly Black's White Cat on this blog...scroll on down to my entry on Father's Day (6/20/10)!

Tamsin :) xo

P.S. If you'd like to see Cassie's online chat she did at 5pm on U-Stream, here's the link you can copy/paste into your browser window:

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