Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Planning = Productivity - Over at Magical Words today!

Today over at you can hear me chat about why planning will help you be more productive...and yeah, I know, you've heard this all before...but hey, maybe I have something new to add...maybe I'll say something you've not thought of before...or maybe I'll just say the same ol' shit you've heard a thousand times over. You won't know unless you go see. :) 

Here's the direct link HERE

But here's how it began...

"My head is a bit all over the place today. Work was a bear yesterday (I have an eye twitch today to prove it) and my head keeps bouncing between a post apocalyptic short story that I’m working on for something next year and my historical fantasy novel that I will be putting pedal to the metal on as of November 1st (because yes, I’m using NaNoWriMo to help me bang out words for this bad boy). Add to that my usual life stuff and I’m mentally twitching along with my left eye.

I may know exactly where I want this new book to go and want to write it, but I’ve been putting it off to outline. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING (just weird for a proclaimed pantser). But I feel like I’m stalling. I might be, who knows! *throws hands in air and then presses on twitching eye* Either way, five days from now I’m going to say, “screw it” and I’m going to start the journey. I’ll spend this weekend getting the last two battles outlined and then we’re off, or so I hope.
Anyway, my scattered head was trying to figure out what to talk to you all about when I got this in my email today:
 And for once, I read the whole thing (I love when he says, “Decision Fatigue is real”, I’d never heard that before but he’s right!) and I really want you to do so as well. No, this is not a NaNoWriMo thing, though it may help those of you who use November to metaphorically get off your bum (but technically, if we’re to be honest about it, you use it to sit more on said bum). It also is a good read for those of you who want to write for a living OR write like you’re practicing to write for a living.

In this post, Tim talks about how he keeps his productivity high. He breaks it down into The Framework, The Mindset, The Schedule, The Plan, When It All Goes Down In Flames, and at the end there is a link for you to download a free workbook!

Hello, Free, I’m Tamsin, I’m happy to meet ya!
Anyway, I’ve talked about a lot of these things over the past year, so I really liked seeing him make it concise on a blog post.

Now, of the things Tim shares, it was his weekly schedule that gave me pause..."

Want to know more of what I had to say and the pledge I made to change my schedule? Then go HERE and find out! :)

I know, I'm rotten...LOL!

Take care and I'll have more for you soon!

Tamsin :)


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