Monday, March 16, 2015


Today I got to put up a post on Facebook that I have hoped I'd get to post for a few years.

I am officially now a member of the team at MagicalWords.Net. A site started by Misty Massey, Faith Hunter, and David B. Coe to help writers out there...may they be published or not, serious writers or dabblers. I will be joining these other fantastic authors on the site, like the three noted above, as well as Lucienne Diver, A.J. Hartley, Kalayna Price, John Hartness, and more! These folks are award winning writers and New York Times Best Selling Authors...and then there's me. LOL!

Naw....I'm not nervous about my performance at all...


Okay...maybe I am...but as I said on FB, I'm really humbled to have been asked. What could be better than being involved with a great site like this with talented people you have the honor of being friends with (see noted authors above...and visit their links cause they have GREAT stuff!)? Nothing!

So anyway, stay tuned for links here to my posts there. I begin my adventure with them as of March 25th! *crosses self*

See you there!

Tamsin :)

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