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The demon came for Patrice at such an inhuman speed, it seemed as if he vanished from one location, to simply appear in another. Grabbing Esther, I said her name, and with the light of her star, she burst from my skin. Grasping the hilt with with both hands, I swung to block the demon from the pastor’s wife. The demon’s sword smashed into mine, surprising me. I’d not noted the back holster at the angle he’d been standing at previously. The hit, even with my enhanced strength, reverberated something I could only perceive as pain down my arms. This wasn’t a low-level demon or a messenger. He had power and an objective.

Patrice screamed, yelling something along the lines of, “what are you doing?” I had no idea if she spoke to me or the demon she’d called Charles.

“Get into the church!” I shouted at her as I shoved his sword out of my way and swung again, aiming for his head.

With a superb block, he parried and swung at my previously injured side. Acutely aware of the previous damage there, I spun out of the way. Coming around I aimed for his knees. He jumped up and over, laughing. We circled each other while Patrice screamed things at me, or possibly Charles, as her husband attempted to pull her into the church.

“You are messing in things you do not understand,” the demon said.

“That’s what they all say. But please, feel free to tell me.”

His slow smile somehow made his feminine yet masculinely attractive face to become even lovelier and he flicked a pretty glance at the pastor’s wife. “Patti, I’m unclear what your criteria is for taking strays into the church, but this red-headed demon is not good company. I came the minute the true god told me she had come to infiltrate your church.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Preaching false witness? How unoriginal! Let’s see you can step foot in that church, seeing as you’re so saintly.”

“I need not prove myself. Patti knows me. She’s been to my church.”

This raised a red flag in my mind as I stopped the circling to place myself between him and Patricia, and I swung. He met me in battle, our swords singing in the air as they flew this way and that, until I feigned another knee swing. However, as I swung, I stepped back to miss, circling the sword about, and muttered, “starlight.” As Esther become translucent, I thrust the sword into the demon’s belly.

In an unearthly scream of anguish that shattered windows of a vehicle in the parking lot, he fell to his knees, arms frozen above his head.

“Drop the sword,” I commanded.

He dropped it without hesitation as he writhed about the blade. He attempted pull it free of the spiritual blade and found his human hands went right through it, remaining unharmed. This was because the blade was only embedded into the demon, not the man.

“What is your name?” I asked.

He fought the need to answer, biting his lip so hard it bled.

“Fine. Make me use it. In the name of Jesus, the Son of the Most High, what is your name?”

Another shriek erupted from the demon at the name of Jesus while the body of Charles cowered from me, chin to chest, shoulders caved in. Finally, he raised his head, eyes finding mine. The pupils now glowed, a mirror of the fire within, as he answered, “I am known as Semiazas. I am the Chief of the Fallen Angels. I command legions of–”

I cut him off. “I know exactly who you are.”

“Then you know that I am here for you.”

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