Thursday, March 15, 2012

LDG1 Announcement....

I've been slack, I apologize. I've been busy doing that thing called "writing/editing" on Book Two of the LDG Series called, "Shattered."

See...NOW you forgive me, right?

Not yet?

What if I had good news? Would you forgive me then? here goes...

By the end of the month you will be able to read my book, "The Betrayal (A Living Dead Girl Novel)" IN PRINT!

That's right! If you don't have an E-reader and don't want to read it on your computer OR you are just old fashioned and like paper on a shelf (which is totally okay...I tend to want hard copies of some stuff myself) you'll be able to go to Amazon's PRINT ON DEMAND feature and pay for a copy.

Then...they'll print one copy!

That's right!

SO...stay tuned here or on my Facebook page or my Twitter account...for as soon as I have the link for the printed version...I'll give it to you all!

It'll be at the end of THIS month!


Have a great weekend!

Tamsin :)

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