Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A new month.
A new week.
A new day.
The same fucking eye twitch.

I've slept. I've tried just keeping the eye closed. I've purposefully NOT been on the computer at do I need to do to stop this eye from twitching?! Grrr...

But I shouldn't talk about my'll think it's important and keep twitching just to piss me off...

Last time I wrote here was April...yes, we are now in May and May hath brought 80 degree days to NYC. Yep...80! And because of that lovely weather I obviously spent it...


I know, your'e mad at me (so is my dog, trust me). But wait...listen to why and you can forgive me. I did a lot this past weekend so...listen up...

#1. I spent part of my indoor time READING. See, the newest book in the House of Night Series came out, entitled "Burned". When last we saw our heroine she was busy dying. Yep. Dying. Her soul was shattered after witnessing the death of someone she loved and in this new book she is in the Otherworld while her friends (and her body) are in the real world trying to figure out how to get her out of there in one piece, since its never been done before. I lay in bed all afternoon on Saturday finishing this fun book.

The website for this series is rather...uh...what's a good word? Childish? No...Teenagish? (not that that's a real word know what I mean...overdramatic) The books on the other hand are quite brilliant YA work. Written by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristen. It's such a fantastic concept for a series...imagine: Vampire Finishing School. Yep! You get "marked" and then you have to attend the House of Night for school with other "marked" kids and if you survive the change, you become an immortal vampire. The Cast's have created vampires that are vampires who worship the goddess Nyx (who the Catholics see as Mary) and live the life of witches, being able to wield the elements and fight evil.

Anyhoo...the book is fun and ends well (which is important to me cause I'm a sucker for happy endings) and hence I couldn't put it down to walk in the park. Sorry puppy.

#2. I spent the other portion of my indoor time SHOPPING. Yep...I have been lucky enough to find a friend who is interested in joining me to go dancing and THAT thrills me WAAAY above what I could possibly explain in words. I took her to Gothic Reniassance and Vampire Freaks to find stuff to wear dancing with me. Celine bought her first corset and choker! Yay Celine! I bought a fun tiny black duffle bag that has a dead stuffed white bunny on it (dead = X's for eyes). He is detatchable with a zipper tummy and you can make him the purse if you want. So fun. I also snagged a black umbrella with sculls and a red patten leather choker to go with my waist cincher. It was a good time!

By the by...the reason it's great that Celine is going to join me dancing in my "scene" is that none of my other close friends will go and I usually have to go alone. Alone = not so fun. have someone to go with me (other than when my pal Matt is in town) brings me quite a bit of joy! get to share my love of this scene with a friend? Priceless. :)

#3. More indoor time was spent EATING! Yum! I went to eat at my FAVORITE restaurant in the city; Casellula. It's a wine/cheese place. Celine and I ate like queens and had a really fun time. If you live in NYC...check the place out...its on 9th Ave. and 52nd Street. :)

And all that, was just Saturday.

Sunday I was indoors because....I was WORKING ON MY BOOK! Again one might hope you could forgive me for indoor time as I was starting the review of my editor's edits. Boy is THAT fuckin' time consuming, slow going, and slightly boring. RIGHT CLICK-CLICK ACCEPT CHANGE repeat and repeat and repeat. *sigh* This is pass #1. Anything she wanted to "cut" that I wanted to really think about I left it for pass #2. Other than that I watched BOONDOCK SAINTS TWO. Bloody brilliant film!!!!! If you've never seen the first one it's a travesty...go rent the fucker or get it on Netflix dude! THEN...see the 2nd one. I laughed so hard at one point it hurt and I had to pause the film.

What a GREAT weekend...even though I was indoors. :) eye stopped twitching! Praise God! Maybe it was just telling me to go blog? ;) Ha ha!

Have a great week folks! I'm picking up Holly Black's new book, White Cat, this weekend but this time...I shall consider laying out in the sun to read. Shall tell you about this new series call The Curse Workers next week.

Tamsin :)

P.S. I've met Holly Black. Fun lady! Would you believe she wore black leather pants on a balmy summer day for a signing of Cassandra Clare's work last summer in Bryant Park? I'd have sweat to death but she seemed fine. Holly was acting as Cassandra's MC for the BP event as they are friends. Cassandra Clare is my fave author AND she recommends Holly's book...I shall read it.

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